Miriam Mc Connon’s outdoor installation ‘Lost Lace’ compromises of approximately 1777 white roses made from individual white handkerchiefs.

Each single handkerchief rose in this installation references the small cloths or ‘clooties’ that were hung traditionally on trees near the site of holy wells in Pagan Ireland.

The handkerchief was believed to drive illness away by absorbing it. The artwork is a homage to the lives lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The single rose is a symbol of devotion. Here this devotion becomes collective, signifying the national and global loss. This installation urges the public to not lose sight of the individual life, the single rose. In this installation Mc Connon emphasises the solitary path of individual grief in unison with the national and collective loss.

'Lost Lace' , Sculpture in Context Ireland 2020

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