Miriam Mc Connon’s art installation ‘Tama and the Rose’ was part of the Eco Art project which was curated by the internationally renowned German curator Herman Pitz. It was a project commissioned by the Cypriot ministry of education and culture. Eight artists were commissioned to make outdoor installations in an ancient archaeological site in Geroskipou Cyprus. Mc Connon’s installation compromises approximately two thousand five hundred white roses made from individual handkerchiefs. The white roses have been placed on the floor of a cave at the site of the Seven Saint Georges in Geroskipou, Cyprus covering an area measuring approximately 4.5 x 3 x 2.5 x 3 metres.  The handkerchief roses have been delicately placed in the form a traditional Cypriot lace pattern.   

The roses have been made from individual handkerchiefs that were given to the artist from people around the world to create Mc Connon’s previous public installations ‘Megalo Tama’ (Cyprus 2012) and ‘Touring Tama’ (Ireland 2013). Each handkerchief has been moulded into a single rose and each rose takes its place on the cave floor to form the traditional lace pattern. The artwork examines the collective aspect of worship alongside the solitary path of individual grief and loss. 

2019 - ‘Tama and the Rose’ at ancient caves in Geroskipou, Cyprus.

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