Cementography is a technique that originated in Cyprus. Created by the artist Christoforos Savva and developed later by the artist Costas Econonou. The artist makes a small scale coloured sketch of the finished artwork. The sketch is then drawn onto sheets of polystyrene. Thin strips of polystyrene are used to make a mould of the sketch in which to hold the cement colours when poured. Using a team of people, the cement colours are poured into the polystyrene mould and then covered with cement. After two weeks the polystyrene base is removed revealing the artwork. It is a process that creates a very permanent artwork and encourages collaboration between artists. 

Nine artists were commissioned to make a cementography artwork based on the Cypriot myth of Arodafnousa. Mc Connon’s art work depicts the scene where the King arrives to save the beautiful Arodafnousa from the queen. Instead he finds the queen standing over her corpse with a knife in her hand. The cementography project was commissioned by Paphos 2017, cultural capital of Europe.

2017 - The Cementography project, Public artworks, Paphos, Cyprus

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