Miriam Mc Connon’s recent work presents paintings and drawings of domestic objects.  She is preoccupied with the nature of these objects and their narratives.  The work is concerned with the human connection to the domestic object.

She re-presents these everyday objects in a new context in order to highlight an intimacy about them and to expose the power they have to reveal certain aspects of the rhythm of life.

In Mc Connon’s work the chosen objects are sometimes re-contextualized. The background becomes placeless and is shrouded in pattern. This pattern creates a sense of nostalgia around the object, its sense of security, seeking to preserve its memory through decoration.

 Mc Connon’s work aims to trigger a social and a personal association with the objects they present. The work touches on the complexity of gender association in our domestic world.

2017 ‘In Life’s Pocket’ at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, Dublin Ireland

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